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What people say


"Jan was born for this field of work. Her calming energy, her understanding, and her presence make you feel safe. I had never tried a Reiki session before but experiencing it with Jan made me want to come back for more. I felt much lighter after our session, and I felt like I was floating!  Her studio is clean and convenient to get to. I have already recommended Jan to a few friends, and they have also had wonderful experiences. Jan is the person to go to!"

Liana Afuni  


White Sand and Stone

"I was able to spend a very meaningful time. Thank you very much. I was convinced by Jan's accurate analytical, and insight rooted in psychology. The story is also very easy to understand, and each word using an effective analogy is clearly memorable. Thanks to you, I was able to face myself and gave me the courage to lift the sail strongly and move forward. I am looking forward to seeing you again someday."

Yoshi Nakamura


Wet Flower_edited.jpg

"A Five Star Review During a very difficult phase of my life, it was Jan's support through her art (and science) of hypnosis that helped me survive and push through the hardship. We had only six sessions (0r perhaps seven) because I was moving away from NYC, but the therapy gave me new perspective and positive energy. I needed focus and commitment for my new life situation but was so lost and overwhelmed it was next to impossible to focus. Since then, I make sure to revamp at least once whenever I am back in the city. Thank you, Jan! :)"



"Upon the recommendation of my reiki therapist, I made an appointment with Jan to work on some deep longstanding issues from my childhood. I had been slowly chipping away at these issues for many years, but I was finally ready to let them go, which resulted in a powerful first session, along with two supportive follow-up sessions. I experienced a significant shift within myself in the week that followed the first session and have been moving forward in my life in the weeks since. I didn't think that hypnosis would have such a profound effect on me, but I feel that the timing of the sessions, along with Jan's guidance, and my involvement with additional holistic health support therapies have worked congruently to move me farther than I anticipated on my path of healing. My sessions were Jan were all virtual through Zoom, but this made no difference at all. Jan is a wonderful, supportive practitioner, and I would highly recommend her to anyone!" ​


Zen Stones

"I have had the good fortune of working with Jan in her Reiki practice. I have two aliments of which Jan helped me in a way that western medicine could not. I have ulcerative colitis and a torn meniscus of which I had two operations on and unfortunately made my knee problem worse. Through working with Jan after a few sessions my ulcerative colitis greatly improved and eventually went into remission. My knee issue was improved greatly where I can now walk with very little to no pain. I went to physical therapy for three months and regretfully had no improvement. After working with Jan my overall health improved and I felt better than I have in years. Jan is a gifted Reiki practitioner and has given me much mobility and independence by working with her. I have no reservation in recommending this gifted healer." ​

Jeff Constantakis

Books On Shelf

"I went to see Jan because I was having some health issues. I left feeling much better and extremely calm. I really recommend Jan to anyone"



"Taking Reiki sessions from Jan was like magic. Somehow, she effortlessly got me to let go and elevate my mood. The physical sensation of releasing stress and tension through the energy exchange is magical and blissful. Reiki has helped me love myself more and understand my life better. In times of incredible mental struggle it helped me gain clarity. Jan is an amazing practitioner and I would recommend anyone to try a Reiki session with her."

Chris Aquayo


Fields of Gold

"Jan has helped me tremendously through working out my past traumas and helping me move forward to a life I deserve. Her sessions have empowered me to move forward and remember the power is always in my hands. She has broken so many limiting beliefs and stories I've told myself that has held me back from my potential. I highly recommend Jan especially if you have generational trauma or you're a BIPOC. She is a gifted healer helping you understand yourself with compassion and self-forgiveness."

Maryann Samreth

Image by Jay Castor

"Jan is kind and caring and wonderful to work with. At first, I thought I may need to work with someone a little more aggressive with healing, but no. This is gentle work, it can be tough, and I needed to ease into it. After 3 sessions I experienced a huge shift in my life and the way I wanted to live. We worked through the layers to uncover something crucial that was holding me back, and I feel happy and confident about my life and its direction now. Working with Jan is HIGHLY recommended!"

Jenilyn Noelle Rodriguez (Actress)

Cherry Blossom

"Jan's calm and soothing voice puts you at ease. I felt connected with her, felt tranquil during my session and feel I accomplished more than I had with any counseling sessions I had ever had. I had a sense of peace that I have not had before. She is knowledgeable and accommodated to my needs. I would highly recommend Jan for hypnosis and Reiki."

Kimberly Charboneau

Pink Flowers

"As soon as Jan began my first treatment, I actually felt a strong heat and my body immediately began shedding its habitual tension and sense of hurrying toward some goal or other. It was a transformative experience that I would recommend to anyone who wants to feel energized and just really, really good! Reiki sessions have helped me overcome several different problems. For example, I had been feeling sick to my stomach for several days, and the Reiki healing pulled out the toxins. I was sick to my stomach afterwards - and immediately felt much better. But my most frequent response is a deeper feeling of calm, both mentally and physically. And after the session is over, I can maintain an overall ability to cope better with stress."



"My experience with your Reiki session was absolutely amazing!! I felt so relaxed, so peaceful, so calm, my anxiety was completely gone! I believe you are a very gifted energy healer and you truly care about people. I am very grateful for my experience with you. Thank you so much."  Much Love



"Jan has a beautiful spirit and an amazing talent. She helped me sort out some deep childhood trauma that I wanted to unpack. She was very attentive and I felt very safe and supported. I would highly recommend multiple sessions with her, they seemed to get better and better as the sessions progressed. I am so grateful!!" ​

Daven Mayeda



"Negative emotions/feelings always point to what we need to deal with to regain happiness. When I told Jan what I felt, she immediately identified the issue and suggested we 'travel' to my childhood. After the hypnosis, negative feelings were not triggered anymore. I feel very happy Jan helped me resolve the problem that happened in my childhood, which could have ruined many relationships if not addressed. Thank you, Jan!"

Anastasia Kay


"I decided to do hypnosis to work on my childhood memories that was lost. I thought that not having memories was stopping me from growing in life. I did not know what to expect since I have heard so many different myths about that matter. Jan was able to make me feel comfortable with her kindness, compassion and her listening. By putting me into a state of deep relaxation she helped me connect with my inner child with whom I was in disharmony for so many years which explains many of my destructive behaviors. It also helped me understand that my parents behaviors were not linked to me not being good enough but to them not knowing any better which helped me to make peace with all those dysfunctional events. Even if this sounds obvious, not working on it on a deeper level won’t change your subconscious that is actually affecting your behaviors because that can be deeply rooted." ​ I feel hypnosis helped me connect on many levels with myself, my family, my defect of characters, my inner Child and most of all, it helped me unlocked many pains that were deeply buried.  I am now walking into life pretty aware of my surroundings and at peace with many past events. I would recommend Jan to anybody that wants to do a deep and peaceful work on themselves.


White Frangipani Flowers

"My experience with your Hypnosis, Reiki, and Distant Reiki was amazing. I felt so calm, relaxed and my anxiety felt completely gone, I'm so grateful for your help, you are truly gifted. The whole experience was great and I recommend it to anyone in need of peace of mind. I didn't know what to expect from any of your services but I'm truly glad our paths crossed especially with what's happening in our world today." Thank you

Elizabeth DeJesus

Colorful Macaroons

"I had very little knowledge about Reiki until I met Jan. There were several times I had very bad pain in my body because of sickness, but she healed my pain with her Reiki session. Jan's Reiki is one of the most natural & thoughtful way of healing, loosening your body and mind to relax." ​


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