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Jikiden Reiki

What is Jikiden Reiki?​

Jikiden Reiki is simply how Reiki was originally taught in Japan before it came to the west and some key understanding of Reiki and ways it was practiced were lost. In terms of your experience having Reiki treatments, the main difference is that with Jikiden Reiki treatments, compared to other approaches to Reiki out there, is that you get a more personalised and highly focused approach than you would otherwise recieve. We quickly find and then intensively target your key areas of need, that your body will show us, through feedback through our hands. In addition, we commonly spend around 10 times longer at these key areas, compared to most approaches to Reiki. So it’s easy to see why we tend to see greater improvements. Jikiden Reiki also offers us a more measurable way to track your progress, which many also find helpful.

Reiki Treatment by Hypnoheart

Image by Elia Pellegrini

​​Distance Reiki

1 hour Reiki $100

1 hour Psychological Reiki $100

Image by Joel Mott

Reiki for Psychological Treatment
 -Hands on

1 hour  $120


Reiki Treatment
 -Hands on


1 hour  $120 

◉Hands on Reiki   5 Packages - $550 ,   10 packages - $1000

◉Distance Reiki    10 packages - $900

For Cancer and Chronic illness who is in need of many sessions:we have sliding scale.

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